Who Is Amadeus?

Amadeus Rex Dixon was a real dog adopted by author/publisher Mary Dixon. She trained him to be people friendly, safe and polite. He was deemed a Canine Good Citizen by the American Kennel Club. He wrote 4 children's books under the pen name of Amadeus the Traveling Dog (with some help from Mary} and traveled with her to meet children and adults at dozens of elementary schools and bookstores across the country. He was recognized as a service dog and helped many children learn to read. 

His 4 published books are only a small portion of the adventures he got into with his friend Penny the cat and his human, Miss Mary. Some of his stories exist on his Facebook page under Photo Albums. You'll also find hundreds of pictures and videos of Amadeus and his friends there. Doodad Toys is exploring ways to bring more of Amadeus's stories to a new generation of children. Go to our Contact page and leave us your email if you'd like us let you know when they are available!